Best Chew Toys for Puppies

Like small babies, puppies usually want to put everything and anything in their mouths and that’s why you need to be conscious of the things that you put in their environment. There are chew toys specifically designed for puppies. If you don’t invest in these toys, your puppy will chew on anything- furniture, clothes, electrical cords just to mention a few items.

Allowing your puppy to chew on everything can cause lots of destruction in your home and endanger your puppy’s life. The solution is not to try and stop your puppy from chewing because this is a natural habit. It is important to have toys readily available for your puppy to play with instead of chewing on your valuable items. These toys are durable but soft enough so as not to injure your puppy’s teeth and gums.This article outlines some useful info about the best chew toys for puppies.

Best Chew Toys for Puppies

When your puppy starts chewing on an item like furniture, place a chew toy in front of him and allow him to chew the toy instead. Soon enough, your puppy will get used to chewing the toys instead of your personal item.

Reasons why puppies chew

When your puppy begins to develop baby teeth, it will have that urge to chew the same way babies do when they are teething. Puppies start teething at around 16 weeks so expect this chewing to progress for a while. When they chew on something, they feel relief on their gums. Chewing also allows the larger teeth to break through the gums.

Remember that puppies can swallow on the things they chew so it’s important to keep a watchful eye on them. Things like coins, rocks and small sticks should never be kept near your puppy. If swallowed, they can damage the puppy’s immune system. Eventually, this chewing habit will stop.

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What should puppies chew?

Manufacturers of dog toys have come up with different kinds of products suitable for puppies developing baby teeth. Some of these best chew toys for puppies include:

Chew Bones

You can buy chew bones which are specially designed for teething puppies. You can find edible chew bones which come in different flavors such as chicken and beef. These edible chew bones are likely to encourage your puppy to stop chewing your personal items. They may last for a long time depending on how strong your puppy’s jaw is and how often the puppy wants to chew on them.

You can also buy your puppy non edible chew bones. These ones are considered toys which your puppy can have fun playing with. It can take a longer time to convince your puppy to start playing with this kind of chew bone instead of something else that seems luring in the house. The non edible chew bones can last for a very long time unless your puppy is an aggressive chewer. A good example of a chew bone is the Nylabone Puppy Chew Toy Starter Kit.

Best Chew Toys for Puppies: Aggressive puppies

If your puppy belongs to a breed that develops very strong jaws and teeth, the normal chew toys may not last for long since it will have heavy chewing tendencies. You don’t want to give your puppy a chew toy that he can easily break into chunks and swallow. That’s why you should consider some strong chew toys.

There are toys which are specifically designed for hard chewing puppies. Materials like rubber are hard and soft so they can be used to make toys for strong chewers. For instance, the KONG Classic Dog Toy is a small and ideal for a strong chewer. The material is soft enough to prevent injury of the puppy’s gums but hard so it can’t be easily broken.

Edible treats

This is probably something your puppy would love. Edible treats should be used occasionally like when your puppy does something good. Using treats as a reward and to help them in chewing is actually a great idea. However, limit the number of treats you are going to give your puppy in a day.

Too many treats can cause digestive problems like constipation and your puppy may even refuse to eat. Choose a treat that is natural or close to your puppy’s regular food. You want this treat to help your puppy with the discomfort that comes with teething and also to relieve gum pain.

Soft toys

Soft toys which are made using high quality fabrics can also be given to teething puppies. These toys usually have a poly fiber material inside so keep them away from the bigger dogs which can easily swallow them. Soft toys are beneficial in the sense that, they are lightweight so your puppy can carry it around the house. Some come with a squeaker inside to make it more attractive to your puppy and increase the time spent playing or chewing it.

Keep these away from your teething puppy

Even when you buy your puppy a chew toy, it is still important to maintain close supervision. Leaving your puppy with a toy unsupervised is creating room for a disaster. There are also certain types of dog toys that you would want to keep away from your puppy to minimize the risk of swallowing and chocking.

  • Sharp toys shouldn’t be given to puppies because their gums and teeth are still prone to injury.
  • Avoid buying any dog toys which have the same shape as the items in your home which you don’t want your puppy to chew on. For instance, don’t buy a chew toy that is shaped like your shoes or mobile phone.
  • Stay away from chew toys which are shaped like any of the baby’s toys if you have children in your home. This includes bottles and the baby’s dolls. Avoid buying your teething puppy stuffed animals as well. The puppy may mistake any of the baby’s items for his toys.

Trying to teach your teething puppy what is acceptable to chew on can be a difficult task. If done right, the teething period will be a short and stress free one.


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