Best Dog Food for a Sensitive Stomach

Some dogs will eat everything and anything that comes their way without getting ill. However, others have very sensitive stomachs so the dog owner has to follow a specific dietary regime strictly. So what is the best dog food for a sensitive stomach? Your dog will experience diarrhea and extreme discomfort if you fail to give him the right foods.

Signs that your dog has a sensitive stomach

If you are suspecting that your dog could be having a sensitive stomach, look out for the following signs and symptoms.

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Excessive Flatulence
  • Very loose stool

Sometimes, it could be that your dog is suffering from a digestive problem so you need to consult your veterinarian. Dogs handle foods different and the problem could be that your dog is not able to handle the kind of ingredients he has been consuming. Some of these ingredients force your dog’s digestive system to work harder than normal and that’s why the symptoms above will start to develop.

How to handle the problem

After determining that your dog is dealing with a sensitive stomach, you need to begin the process of identifying the exact cause of the reaction. Is it the food that your dog has been consuming? Have you recently changed your dog’s diet? Sometimes your dog can react to foods like gluten and soy if he has a sensitive stomach.

If you start giving your dog a completely different meal, you may begin to notice some of the symptoms mentioned above because dogs with sensitive stomachs take time to adjust to a new diet. You need to introduce any new diets slowly. Sometimes mixing different brands of dog foods can cause a problem so you may want to stop doing this.

Sometimes your dog may be developing food intolerances. In this case, your dog will vomit or release loose stool because of some ingredients. You can start by removing these ingredients in your dog’s diet and take note whether the symptoms reduce. Some of the foods which dogs with a sensitive stomach are likely to react to include:

High fat foods: Foods which contain a lot of fat are usually hard to digest and it can lead to pancreatic inflammation. Your dog will become less energetic because the gut is working so hard to digest the high fat foods.

Chocolate: chocolate contains a component known as theobromine which cannot be digested by dogs. If you give your dog chocolate, he can even experience seizures. Tea and coffee may also have the same effect.

Raw eggs: Uncooked eggs are not good for a dog with a sensitive stomach because they place your dog at risk of salmonella infections which is deadly.

Onions: onions become a problem when consumed by dogs because they tend to prevent the circulation of blood throughout the dog’s body.

Macadamia nuts are dangerous for dogs with a sensitive stomach. They are known to cause severe tremors and paralysis among dogs.

The Best Dog Food for a Sensitive Stomach

The right foods for dogs with a sensitive stomach should contain the following ingredients

  • Flours like soy flour
  • Flaxseed
  • Yeast
  • Garlic
  • Meats like liver, tuna and chicken
  • Vegetables like carrots, spinach and broccoli
  • Calcium from foods that contain powdered milk and raw meaty bones

Popular brands of dog food for sensitive stomach

Blue Buffalo Basics

This is one of the best dog foods for sensitive stomachs but it is quite expensive. Blue Buffalo Basics contains only one meat and one carbohydrate. The good thing about the limited ingredients is that it can help you to find out what your dog is allergic to. For instance, if you buy a pack that contains only turkey and potatoes and your dog reacts to this, you will get to understand the kind of foods that it’s allergic to. Notably, this brand gets very good reviews from dog owners who have tried other types of dog foods for sensitive stomach.

Wellness Simple

Wellness Simple is a high quality dog food recommended by many people online. Wellness has a variety of dog foods to choose from. This includes the ‘potato and salmon formula’ and ‘duck and oatmeal’. The good thing about this dog food is that you can experiment with the different varieties to see which one works for your dog most. Trying different varieties can also help you to determine which ingredient triggers your dog’s reaction. The price is cheaper than the Blue Buffalo Basics. However, this brand may not be suitable if your dog is having some serious digestive issues. You can try it out and in case it doesn’t work, consider the Buffalo brand because it is more aggressive.

Canidae Salmon Meal

The other popular dog food brand is Canidae which offers a really high protein ingredient list. The formula also contains vegetables and carbohydrates in proper proportions so it’s a good deal for those dog owners who want to spend less on dog food for sensitive stomach. Canidae contains an important ingredient which most dog foods for sensitive stomach lack- normal bacteria. These bacteria will help to maintain your dog’s gut in a healthy balance. In fact, Canidae’s grain free salmon meal formula has been given to dogs with serious digestion issues and it has worked really well. You can read a few reviews of this dog food and find out how helpful it has been in relieving sensitive stomach.

Puppies with sensitive stomach

The digestive system of a puppy has not developed properly and that’s why it is important to choose the right diet. Most puppies will actually have food sensitivity issues because of their weak gut. Nutro Max is an effective dog food for puppies with sensitive stomach. It is formulated with the right ingredients to soothe the sensitive stomach and ensure the puppy gets suitable nutritional value. When choosing food for sensitive stomach to give a puppy, make sure it has ingredients that will promote optimal brain development. Avoid giving your puppy foods which are recommended for adult dogs.

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