High Fiber Dog Food

High Fiber Dog FoodYou probably know of the importance of a high fiber diet to the human body. Do the same benefits of high fiber foods apply to dogs? Basically yes. It’s important to make sure your dog receives adequate amount of fiber. One of the main reasons why fiber is essential is because it boosts your dog’s immune system.

High fiber dog foods can boost colon health and prevent your dog from gaining excess weight. Fiber also helps prevent conditions like diarrhea and diabetes mellitus among dogs. However, fiber doesn’t boost your dog’s energy in any way so it’s best to include foods that are good sources of energy in your dog’s diet.

Like human beings, dogs with a healthy digestive system rarely experience constipation and bloating. Some of these problems may be very expensive to treat and all it takes to avoid them is including high fiber foods in your dog’s diet. Plenty of fiber can also prevent your dog’s bum from smelling (woohoo!).

Fortunately, fiber is usually present in most dog foods so you may not need to supplement unless your veterinarian asks you to. Older dogs may need supplemented fiber in order to re-establish their health or cure a certain illness. In fact, fiber is sometimes considered medicine for dogs.

Before we take a look at some of the commercial dog food that is rich in fiber, let’s take a look at simple ways to add fiber to your dog’s diet.

High Fiber Dog Food – Foods that Add Fiber to Your Dog’s Diet


Most grains (rice, oat and wheat) will not have the outer shell after they have been processed. This outer shell (bran) is very rich in fiber. You need to give your dog oat, rice or wheat bran if you want to improve its digestion. Bran can be soaked in water to make it easier for your dog to digest it.


Apples are also a high source of fiber and other nutrients which are very important to your dog’s health. Make sure you remove the seeds from the apple because they have cyanide which is a toxic substance if ingested by your dog. Choose a variety of apples such as red and green apples depending on what your dog seems to like best. They all have the same nutritional value and all are great high fiber dog food options.

Brown Rice

You’ve heard how brown rice is critical for your own body and now its time to consider giving it to your dog. Brown rice has more than three times fiber compared to white rice. Now that is what I call a high fiber dog food! When you cook brown rice at home, give your dog some with some little flavoring.


You need to choose the right type of vegetables for your dog. You can give your dog a carrot stick as a treat or green beans mixed with your dog’s food. Avoid canned vegetables because the level of sodium they contain is very harmful to dogs. If your dog is a picky eater then make sure you add some flavor to the vegetables.


Canned pumpkin can help relieve constipation and diarrhea and it’s a good fiber rich food if your dog is a picky eater. Canned pumpkin is tastier compared to most fiber rich foods. You can add it to your dog’s food in small proportions depending on the age of your dog.

There are other dog snacks that contain high fiber. You can get them commercially for your dog but make sure they also contain other nutrients which your dog needs. Below is a video explaining the best high fiber dog food options and why they are great!

Choosing the Best High Fiber Dog Food Brands

When you are shopping for your dog’s food, make sure you look at the Guaranteed Analysis that is displayed on the packaging. You’ll notice that most dog foods have between 2 to 4 percent of fiber. However, fiber rich dog foods contain up to 6% of fiber. When shopping for your dog’s food, look at those foods which are labeled ‘high fiber’.

Most of the high fiber dog food that is available commercially are made for dogs that need weight management or are suffering from constipation problems. Make sure the label shows that the percentage of fiber in that dog food is between 6 and 10.

Below are some high fiber dog food brands:

1. Wellness Dog Food

Some may say that this dog food brand contains such a high level of fiber that it is unnecessary. However, Wellness Dog Food is an excellent diet addition for dogs that require that extra fiber. They have ground barley and brown rice which, as mentioned earlier, are rich sources of fiber. The formula also contains vegetables like carrots. Wellness can help to boost your dog’s digestive health. It has nutrients from natural foods like garlic which help to boost heart health. Wellness has some of the best reviews from dog owners who have trouble with their dog’s digestive system.

2. Taste of the Wild

If you are looking for economical dog food that is rich in fiber, this is the brand to choose. Taste of the Wild has a very simple ingredient list and has 5% fiber, which is quite high compared to other dog food brands. If your dog is allergic to meats like beef and chicken, then this brand is most suitable for their diet. To make sure your dog retains a safe level of bacteria, Taste of the Wild offers fermented products. They are crucial for the digestive system and can sometimes help correct problems like diarrhea.

3. Blue Wilderness Grain Free

If you want to change your dog’s diet from a raw meat diet to low carbohydrate foods which are rich in protein and fiber, this is the best brand in the market. Raw meat diets are important because they can give your dog what they would receive in the wild. However, if a veterinarian recommends you to switch to a high fiber diet, this may be a suitable option. Many dog owners who have considered Blue Wilderness Grain Free for their dogs have noticed a significant improvement in their digestive health and overall well being.


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