Low Sodium Dog Food

This article will help you answer some questions that you may have about low sodium dog food. Taking care of your dog’s health is important as it can help to prevent many conditions that are not only painful for your dog but also expensive to treat. Low sodium dog food is usually recommended if your dog is suffering from a serious illness like heart disease.

Why is Sodium important?

Sodium is important in your dog’s food because it helps to prevent swelling and dehydration of cells. Sodium enhances muscle cell function and basically helps to promote overall cell health. Some of the foods that are rich in sodium include meat, poultry, eggs and fish.

If your dog is in a low sodium diet, you will need to avoid including these foods in the diet. In commercial pet foods, sodium is included in form of tablets. You will notice sodium listed on the packaging as salt.

The Recommended Level of Sodium

Since we have seen that sodium is an essential mineral that is required by your dog, it is important to ensure it’s only taken in the right amount. According to the Association of American Feed Control, dry dog foods should have at least 0.3% of sodium. This is required for maintenance and to support normal development of your dog.

Healthy dogs are able to consume diets which are heavy in sodium. However, if your dog is experiencing some health issue, your veterinarian may recommend a low sodium diet. High levels of sodium in a sickly dog can cause an increase in blood pressure or gain in body water. This is because with conditions like renal failure, your dog is not able to excrete the excess sodium in urine.

When to Consider a Low Sodium Dog Food Diet

It is always advisable to take your dog to the veterinarian before you start giving it a low sodium diet. Veterinarians recommend reduced sodium intake if your dog has some type of kidney, heart or liver disease. The low sodium dog foods are required to keep the blood pressure low and prevent any accumulation of excessive fluid in the body.

You will find that older dogs are given usually low sodium foods. However, you shouldn’t change your dog’s diet because of its age without consulting a veterinarian. The reason why older dogs are prescribed low sodium dog foods is because they are more likely to develop heart, liver and kidney diseases. However, if your dog is old and healthy, there is no reason why you should consider a low sodium diet. Here is a quick video of a natural, dog snack that you may like!

Low Sodium Dog Food Brands

If you have just been told by your veterinarian that your dog needs a low sodium diet, the next thing you’ll need to do is to start shopping around for dog foods within this classification. In most cases, your veterinarian will recommend a specific type of low sodium dog food. In case you can’t afford this recommendation or your dog is a picky eater, you can consider another alternative.

Fortunately, there are many brands which manufacture low sodium dog food. Most of the low sodium dog foods are quite expensive compared to the standard diets because they are specially formulated for dogs with special dietary needs. Make sure the dog food is not just low in sodium but also high quality. Your dog should be getting some nutritional value from this food.

We are going to look at a few popular brands as well as some cheaper alternatives which you can buy for your dog.

List of Low Sodium Dog Food Brands

First, it is important to remember that low sodium dog food usually contains 100mg of sodium per 100kCal. Sometimes, the vet may require this level of sodium to be lower than this. Make sure you follow this recommendation that has been given by your doctor. Giving your dog more sodium than what’s required can compromise its health. Dogs that suffer cardiac problems can live happily if you consider the right diet. That’s why you need to have these guidelines in mind when looking for low sodium dog foods.

1. Hills Science Diet Dog Food

If you approach a vet to recommend you a dog diet that is low in sodium, you are probably going to be told to buy this brand. This may not be because it is the best in the market, but it has been vigorously marketed as a prescription dog food. Hill’s may be low in sodium but its nutritional value and wholesomeness is very wanting. The dog food contains very few ingredients that you would wish to have for your sickly dog. It contains too many fillers which is not good for a dog suffering from cardiac issues. However, since there are not many dog foods with low sodium, it is worth mentioning this brand.

2. Royal Canin Early Cardiac

Royal Canin is considered one of the best dog food brands in the industry. Most of the reviews given by dog owners regarding this brand are quite impressive. One of the best things about this dog food brand is that it contains Omega 3, which is very valuable to your dog’s health. It can help relieve symptoms like inflammation and also boost the immune system and heart health. Royal Canin also has lots of Vitamin B which may be lost when your dog is under heart medication. The ingredients have a good nutritional value. They are high in meat and don’t contain too many fillers. This is an amazing low sodium dog food that many dog owners can afford.

3. Purina ProPlan Select

Purina ProPlan Select is a wet dog food that is specially formulated for dogs with cardiac issues. If your dog needs soft food, this is the brand you need to get. This brand uses nutritional foods like salmon and rice to create a very healthy formula. It is ideal if your dog is sensitive to meats like chicken and beef or gluten diets. On top of that, Purina ProPlan is ideal if your dog is suffering from an upset stomach. You can mix this food with dry food and give your dog a nutritious meal.

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