Best Puppy Toys for Happy, Well-Behaved Pups

Are you bringing a puppy into your family? Are you worried that your puppy will chew up all your furniture? (Because mine did) But if you are prepared I can promise you that it will not happen. Training a puppy correctly can be an extremely challenging task. At the same time, it is extremely rewarding. Preparing by purchasing the best puppy toys is essential in your puppy’s life as well as your own. Toys provide pets with discipline, entertainment, and exercise. Since it it is natural for pets to chew or scratch furniture, shoes, doors, or anything they can get their mouths on, having the best puppy toys can prevent/solve this problem. It is important to be aware of the best and safest puppy toys on the market.

Tips on Puppy Toys

Before we start talking about puppy toys, here is an adorable video of cute pups playing!

Some people give their puppy old socks, shoes, towels or other pieces of clothing. This should be avoided at all costs and they should be immediately directed to their puppy toys. While some puppies can tell the difference between toys and their owner’s belongings, most puppies cannot. This is why discipline and the best puppy toys are essential. Primary qualities to look for when purchasing puppy toys are safety, durability, fun, and easy to clean. You do not want to buy toys that can be chewed apart of swallowed. Bells, buttons, and squeakers can be hazardous if chewed or swallowed. Purchasing good puppy toys guarantee a long life span and are most importantly fun. If they are not fun you will notice your puppy chewing up your coach pillows instead of the toys. Nobody wants to clean up destroyed couch pillows as well as puppy toys. Purchasing easy to clean puppy toys will make the process a little bit easier and cleaner.

There are different types of puppy toys such as fleece and plush, vinyl, cotton rope knots, latex, and rubber. Fleece and plush toys are perfect for puppy’s who like companion toys verse tearing up toys. These types of toys are not for eager chewers. Vinyl toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes, have squealers or squeakers, and are very stiff. Cotton rope knots come in several sizes, are machine washable, and help to clean teeth. They can easily be swallowed causing less chews for your puppy. Latex puppy toys come in different shapes, characters, and sizes. They are soft and can stretch easily causing them to fall apart for those strong eager chewers. Last but not least rubber toys are the toughest and are for puppy’s that want to chew, chew, and chew!

Puppies need chew toys that they can stand up to. Not any toy will do. Did you know that the best chew toys on the market are Kong® products? puppy toysThese chew toys are made of durable rubber and can be stuffed with Kong® snacks or paste. Other products that puppies love are soft fabric bones that surprisingly you wet and stick in the freezer. This is great when your puppy’s teeth are coming in. Putting toys through a rotation will keep your puppy from becoming bored. A few recommended products are: Puppy Kong®, Nylabone® Puppy Starter Kit, Puppy Teething Pacifier, Puppy Biscuit Block, and the Knotted Cotton Rope Dog Chew. These toys can be found at Petco, Petsmart, or local pet supply stores. Shopping online provides great deals and discounts varying from $5.99-$8.99.

Puppy Kong® sets are highly recommended by veterinarians, trainers, dog professionals and customers all over the world providing enjoyment for all puppies and the owners themself. All products are top shelf and durable for all sizes of dogs. Owners should keep a supply of Kong® stuffing on hand such as Kong Stuff’N Pastes and Kong Stuff’N Liver Snacks. You can even make your own out of dog snacks, mashed potatoes or peanut butter. Checking with a veterinarian first is recommended on appropriate food for your puppy. These toys holds up well and so will your furniture! They are great for getting your puppy through the initial chewing stages so your furniture isn’t destroyed.

Kong products are very popular and offer products for all ages. With puppies up to one year they should be introduced in a gentle way to as many situations and objects as possible. This is the perfect time to establish good behavior. Kong products recommended are KONG Puppy rubber toys which are ideal for training, rewarding, and getting your puppy through the teething phase. As mentioned previously, Stuff’N Puppy Easy Treat and Stuff’N Puppy Snacks are great for stuffing puppy KONGs and rewarding. Puppy Wubba, Puppy Flyer and AirDog Squeakair Balls are fun toys that you can play fetch and tug of war games with. KONG Plush is a great snuggle toy that makes your puppy feel safe and loved. Puppy Goodie Bone is a chew toy and treat holder that helps soothe your puppy’s tender gums. As your puppy gets older and stronger, upgrade to a tougher rubber called the KONG Classic or Extreme. Once your puppy isn’t a “puppy” anymore, you can purchase different products.

Another great toy is the Nylabone® Dura-Chew Bones. They are safe chew toys for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Made of nylon, they are tough and hold up to puppies that just can’t help themselves. puppy toysThe Puppy Teething Pacifier is made for puppy teeth, soft and flexible material, flavored with bacon, so tasty. How wouldn’t your puppy love this? It encourages good chewing behavior. The Puppy Biscuit Block is made to keep your puppy busy. As your puppy rotates through chewing stages this soft rubber toy transmits your puppy’s chewing behavior into optimistic playtime. The Knotted Cotton Rope Dog Chew is all-natural, cotton rope dyed, colorful and a long-lasting toy that will keep your puppy busy and engaged. This toy benefits your dog’s teeth and gums. Since this product is made from rope overtime it will start to fray and should be thrown away. Inspect all your puppy toys so that your puppy is safe and healthy on top of having fun and protecting your belongings.

Additional puppies toys besides the ones listed are that will satisfy your puppy are any type of durable rubber balls. Any solid or hollow thick rubber balls that can be rolled across floor for your puppy to chase or chew will have them busy for hours. Also, tennis balls can teach your puppy how to retrieve.

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